DM Gamma Ray Massacre 240gr
DM Gamma Ray Massacre 240gr
DM Gamma Ray Massacre 240gr
DM Gamma Ray Massacre 240gr

Ray range 240 gr

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Gamma Ray 240gr is a Pre-workout supplement for maximum vasodilation



Do you want to feel your biceps burst during training? Try DM Gamma Ray 240 gr of Dynamic Muscle, pre-workout produced in collaboration with the former Mr olympia Kai Greene, ideal for maximizing muscle pumping, with all the positive effects that arise in terms of strength, vascularization and therefore hypertrophic mass; four are the ingredients that make up the product, two to activate a massive production of nitric oxide, one for the cell volume supplied by hydration, and the other as a powerful antioxidant.

DM Gamma Ray has been wisely dosed to maximize the pumping effect, citrulline malate in a 2: 1 ratio, arginine and green tea extract; these compounds place the supplement as one of the best pre-workouts of the moment, destined to be depopulated among the rows of body builders who want results. The greater vasodilation caused by the two amino acids, the extreme hydration deriving from glycerol, and the reduction of free radicals will make you experience a new way of approaching the workout.

DM Gamma Ray: the link between pumping and hypertrophic muscle mass
Many believe that that pleasant sensation of turgor and muscular swelling, is only a transitory factor, but in reality, whether it is determined by the greater influx of blood, or by the higher hydration, it brings with it concrete results; in fact nutritional science has repeatedly explained how together with these increased levels of blood and water, copious amounts of nutrients are also introduced, which result in more plastic and energy substrates to be used in protein synthesis and in the Atp, these factors which inevitably are involved with a better performance.
Specifically, here is the detail of the characteristics of the ingredients that promote what has been said:

  • citrulline malate and arginine, these are two non-essential amino acids that act as precursors of nitric oxide, a substance that has recently gained considerable success as a supplement in the fitness field, this compound possesses high dilatation properties, and therefore determines the entry of larger amounts of blood into the musculature, causing the above effects. At this juncture the concomitant intake of vitamin C, a micronutrient that increases the (very short) half-life of nitric oxide, is hoped for;
  • green tea extract, it is a plant extract that is used for its ability to retain liquids, to get the maximum volume from this compound, it is necessary to drink a lot of water, otherwise you will get the reverse effect, ie dehydration. Also in this case the volumizing action helps the performance and the mass results, thanks to the fact that higher levels of liquid improve the nutritional exchange inside the cell, catalyzing the most different biochemical reactions.

The antioxidant effect of DM Gamma Ray
Last but not least, the presence of EGCG, a substance that acts as an excellent antioxidant, and therefore can reduce the massive production of free radicals; this ingredient has been added to DM Gamma Ray because the intense training gives rise to a high psychophysical stress that determines the production of the radicals mentioned above; these are small molecules that by means of an unpaired electron bind to proteins, fats and DNA, denature their function, to the point of causing a real oxidative stress that in the long run can lead to neoplastic diseases.
Finally, we summarize the specific features of this Dynamic Muscle integrator:

  • it increases vasodilation and pumping;
  • it improves cell hydration;
  • it reduces the presence of free radicals;
  • excellent in mass and definition as energy.
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