DM Warbringer 120caps
DM Warbringer 120caps
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DM Warbringer 120caps
DM Warbringer 120caps

DM Warbringer 120 caps

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DM Warbringer is a Testosterone booster made with plant extracts to stimulate the natural production of this hormone and therefore the increase in muscle mass


Warbringer 120 cps by Dynamik Muscle is the latest formulation for the natural stimulation of testosterone; made of only natural elements and of plant origin it pushes the anabolic hormones to the maximum but without experiencing the side effects of doping drugs; it is a supplement and nothing more, with this product you will significantly increase the ability of your muscle cells to capture and use amino acids in protein synthesis, which obviously leads to an increase in hypertrophic and hyperplastic mass.

Directly from the experience of the well-known body building champion Kai Greene, in collaboration with Dynamik Muscle, DM Warbringer, promotes the endogenous secretion of testosterone, the most powerful anabolic hormone present in the human body; this substance will fundamentally improve the proportion of unbound and therefore biologically active hormone, through an endocrine stimulus promoted by various non-pharmacological elements, such as tribulus terrestris, fenugreek extract and ashwaganda extract.

DM Warbringer: nutritional focus on ingredients
So let's see the specific characteristics and origins of the different natural compounds that make up the product in question, and we still remember they won't have any undesirable effects on the body:

  • tribulus titrated to 40% in steroid saponins, this is the extract of a plant that grows in Australia, Asia and Europe, this compound contains protodioscin, an element that stimulates the endogenous production of androgenic hormones in humans, such as testosterone;
  • fenugreek, another plant extract still containing saponins, which in addition to raising the hormone mentioned above, also increases the production of LH and Dhea;
  • ashwaganda, a necessary ingredient for optimizing endocrine function, balancing the levels of different androgenic substances;
  • bioperine, compounds to improve the absorption and use of other nutrients, so as to amplify their effects.

Use of DM Warbringer and possible nutritional synergies
As for the use of this supplement in the two different situations, increase in mass and muscle definition, we recall that in the first case we will have to deal with a powerful anabolic action, ie the use of plastic substrates in myogenesis will be improved, while in presence of low-calorie diets aimed at reducing fat, the increased presence of testosterone will be used as an incentive to lipolysis, that is to the degradation of fatty acids. Always with respect to these two topics, we highlight two specific synergies, the first in mass and the second in weight loss.

A source of Bcaa will be desirable to take full advantage of the greater anabolic potential induced by testosterone, while as far as the lipolytic effect is concerned, here it is carnitine that can assist the action of DM Warbringer, facilitating the entry of fatty acids to the inside the mitochondria, so as to speed up the disposal of fat while at the same time supporting energy performance, this aspect is very important to avoid proteolysis where the diet is low-calorie. Now a brief summary of the features of this supplement:

  • only components of natural origin;
  • no pharmacological action;
  • stimulates endogenous testosterone;
  • improves protein synthesis;
  • increases hypertrophied mass and strength.
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