Bcaa 12000 Powder 457 gr

Bcaa 12000 Powder 457 gr

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Bcaa 12000 Powder are branched amino acids in pharmaceutical grade powder, with a double dose in leucine 2: 1: 1 to optimize anabolism



Bcaa 12000 Powder are branched amino acids in pharmaceutical grade powder, with a double dose in leucine 2: 1: 1 to optimize anabolism. Bcaa 12000 Powder by Ultimate Nutrition is a product of those that should never be missing in the training and nutrition program of the body builder who wants achieve its goals; in fact it is a mixture dosed with a ratio of 2: 1: 1 of pharmaceutical grade branched chain amino acids, macronutrients which, representing about 40% of the total aminogram of human muscle, are considered as one of the best aids to protein synthesis. Not to mention that all their "secondary" effects lead them to be an effective support to the anabolism mediated by the endocrine push but also by greater strength and physical resistance.

We remember however that these nutrients are essential, in the sense that our organism is not able to synthesize them by itself and therefore they must be introduced from the outside by means of the feeding, or, where if it recognizes the nutritional necessity, also by means of integrators food. Having said that, let's see how the BCAAs act in different ways to improve your physical performance and the results derived from it, both mass and weight loss.

Bcaa 12000 Powder: the best in the anabolic window

We start from the main use that is usually made of these products, therefore in the phase immediately following the training known as "anabolic window", a particular metabolic moment in which the organism must be fed with speed, in order to activate the different processes of tissue regeneration and glycogen, which ultimately lead to hypertrophy and improved performance. In this phase it will be desirable to also add an insulinogenic source to stimulate the anabolic thrust induced by this hormone secreted by the pancreas, as well as whey protein to complete the amino acid profile. Last but not least all the effects that follow the intake of these nutrients, and they are:

  • activation of leucine-mediated anabolic signaling such as mTor and mTorc1, important for cell proliferation;
  • increase in the normal and physiological production of testosterone, a powerful androgenic hormone that improves protein synthesis in terms of cell capture efficiency;
  • optimization of cortisol present in the blood stream, a catabolic hormone that is produced in response to stress induced by physical effort;
  • incentive to muscular strength and strength, two factors directly connected with the depth of motor recruitment, which in turn determines hypertrophic growth;
  • reduction of the Doms.

Before and during the workout to take advantage of the anti-catabolic action of Bcaa 12000 Powder

Although this type of product is recommended after the workout to enhance and optimize growth and recovery, its use is also widely justified as an antiproteolytic adjuvant, especially when the presence of leucine is greater; in fact this amino acid, but also the other two valine and isoleucine as we will see below, is strongly antiproteolytic, meaning that it avoids the disintegration of muscle mass when the stocks of carbohydrates, and therefore of energy, are lacking. This effect is also mediated by the metabolic byproducts of leucine, KIC and HMB.

But as we said the anti-catabolic potential of Bcaa 12000 Powder does not just reduce to what was said, in fact the other two nutrients are glucogenic; this means that instead of carbohydrates, usually lacking in diets to lose weight, these amino acids can be used in the liver to meet the demand for glucose for ATP synthesis, and to prevent the musculature from being degraded in order to obtain the same type of substrate .

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4 Reviews

By Massimo on 12/15/2021

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bcaa ottimi, sapore buono, ottima miscelabilità e qualità insuperabile
By Nelli on

Ottimo prodotto, gusto delicato e facilmente bevibile.
Qualità prezzo, eccezionale
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